My evaluation of Restaurants & Shops
Photo : The front show case of Yoshitsune restaurant in 2000. By Kazuyoshi Nagato.
Oahu:Yoshitsune is a Japanese restaurant>
Oahu:California Pizza Kitchen is great.
Oahu:JIMBO is a Japanese noodle restaurant.
Oahu:Ezogiku's Ramen is good.
Oahu:Shirokiya in Ala moana Center is a Japanese foods paradise.
Oahu:I buy chocolates at Honolulu Chocolate Company for presents.
Oahu:I always buy my child ware in GAP.
Oahu:Kahala Mall is best for shopping.
Oahu:Ala moana Center
Oahu:Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center was always crowded.
Oahu:Word Center is located near the Alamoana.
Oahu:Aloha Tower Marketplace
Oahu:Waikele Center
Oahu:Dole cannery Mall
Maui:Roy's Restaurant
Maui:China Boat is Chinese restaurant
Maui:Kaahumanu Center
Maui:Tedeschi Vineryard is upside of Maui.
Maui:There are many flowers in Kula Botanical Gardens.
Maui:Hollywood Planet in Lahaina
Hawaii:Hamayu is a Japanese restaurant located in Kings Shop.
Hawaii:Kings Shop is a convenient shop for Waikoloa resort guests.
is a my original evaluation.
Copyright(C) 2002. All rights reserved. Kazuyoshi Nagato.