98 Family Tour

The first stay in Big Island with family

I had visited to Big Island one or two times so far, but it was the first experience that I stayed there with my family.

It is convenience to go to Big Island for us, Japanese who are staying in Tokyo, because JAL (Japan Airlines) has direct flights from Narita to Kona. But I did not choose it at this time and chose NorthWest Airlines and Aloha Airlines. The reason why I did not choose JAL is that JAL's tickets are very expensive for me. I hope JAL to provide more reasonable prices for us.

It was The Shores at Waikoloa that we staid at this time. The Aston Hotel provides some rooms of The Shores. The Aston Hotel has a special program named "Island Hopper". It is very nice. If one stay an Aston hotel more than seven nights, one can save one's money for stay. I did not use this program at this time, because I found more beneficial package. It is the package named "Overnighters" that the Roberts provides. The Roberts is one of the famus tour agent in Hawaii. They don't have their Home Page yet, maybe. I could know them, because my friend who stays in Oahu sent some informations about them to me. The package is included the stay fee, rental car fee and island air ticket in it. So I ordered this package, it was the flight tickets between Narita and Honolulu that I had to reserve and buy by myself.

Details of our tour

1998/07/29 The first day in Big Island
1998/07/30 Mauna Kea Resort
1998/07/31 Going to Pool of The Shores
1998/08/01 Hilton Waikoloa Village
1998/08/02 Beautiful Hapuna Beach
1998/08/03 Hapuna Beach again
1998/08/04 Play Golf alone
1998/08/05 A last day in Big Island
1998/08/06 Too Hot Keahole Airport
1998/08/07 Go to shopping
1998/08/08 Leaving form Hawaii