July 1991

My First Hawaii

I went to Hawaii at July 1991 first time. This tour was provided for employee by ubc Corporation. The employees were separated two parties. I was belonged the second party. I stayed four nights in Oahu Island, Hawaii. The Hotel, which I satyed, was the Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki. This Hotel was located east of Waikiki beach near the zoo.

We reached at Honolulu International Airport eary morning at first day. I got a rental car after immigration, and I went to paly golf to Makaha valley with my colleague. It took fifty minutes to go to there from the airport by car. We played golf at Makaha Valley east golf course. There were many Hawaiian golf player, because the local tournament was open.

I went to Mililani Golf Club at the second day. It took fourty minutes to go to there by car. I took these golf courses by a Japanese tour agent. So I paid a lot of money for them. I asked to play golf more cheaply to the Sawada Golf shop. He suggested me to play golf in Kauai Island. He said that if I would pay the same money in Oahu, I could go to Kauai and play golf. So I asked hime to get the tickets of airplain for us.

I went to Kauai Island by airplane eary morning with my colleague. The airlines was Hawaiian Island airs. The airplane was not jet. It has two propellers. The passengers were all five, included us. When we reach at Princeville Airport, we found that there were no Taxi at the Airport. The airport house was a too small buliding, it was closed after our reaching. We could get taxi after 30 minutes. I knew after coming back to Japan that there were only three taxies at the Airport. We played golf at Princeville Makai course. This course was a resort course, it was not so difficult. I reserved the airplaine at 5:00pm. But it did not come here from Honolulu, because it had some engine troubles. At the result, it was 7:00pm that we could get the airplane. So we came back to Hololulu at 8:00pm. We were late for dinner in the evening. But I could get a fine experience of night flight on Waikiki.