Hakusan Shrine

Hakusan Shrine is one of the famous spots of hydrangea(Ajisai) in Japan. Every year, the hydrangea festival  is opened here on June. June is a rainy season in Japan.

I went to here with my wife, because I wanted to take a picture of the hydrangea. The Ajisai festival finished at 17th June, but the flowers of hydrangea were full bloom. It is said that there are 3,000 shares of hydrangeas. I went to some place where is a place famous for a hydrangea. I thought that here is number one place. There are many kinds of a hydrangea and I could see many color of flowers.

When the Ajisai festival is opening, there are many people who go here for watching the flowers and  are very crowded. If you want to watch flower smoothly, I think that it is better to go after a festival. After festival, you will be able to watch many hydrangeas.

Address: 5-31-26, Hakusan Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Japan

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