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I thank you very much to visit my site, although there are a lot of websites in a world.

I am a HAL papa. HAL is a dog and she is a member of my family. I love her very much. This site is my personal weblog. I am going to post photos and information regarding HAL and my family, to here.

It was from 2003 that I started to use weblog system. Because my friend started it, I wanted to do so. It was Movable Type version 1 that I used first time. MT is a good engine for Weblog. I think that I felt smoothly to open my site which was made by MT, because MT’s page is a static one.

It was WordPress that I used from 2008, because I had a  dissatisfaction about MT. MT was a free soft till that time, but MT was bought out by one company and provided some of them not free soft.

This blog is made by WordPress. The WordPress pages are made by dynamic one. So I think that the response is a little bit slow. But because WordPress is complete free soft, I can use it without thinking for fee of software license.

Wordpres has a lot of themes and plugins. I am going to report regarding to usage them. I am happy that some one will be help by my report.

I want to write in English as possible as I can, but I must say first, I maybe will use strange English.

Please enjoy my photographs and information, here.

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